Ammunition for that 30-inch display you've been wanting / by Cory

prodshot_30_inch_3display.jpg Apple's Marketing and PR departments have gotten quite clever in their old age. They know that for someone's company to fork over $2000 for a 30-inch Cinima HD monitor, they better have some damn good ammunition and reasoning behind something like that.

Well, just recently, Apple has provided you with the ammunition.

They hired a consulting company to do a benchmark analysis on using a 30-inch vs. a 17-inch monitor for certain tasks...and I'll have to say, the results are convincing...

Major Findings

  • High-resolution displays such as the 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display can result in measurable productivity and efficiency gains.
  • Productivity gains were present in not only professional design and publishing, digital imaging, and digital video, but also in general productivity and office applications such as word processors and spreadsheets.
  • Cumulated productivity gains linked to a large, high-resolution display can lead to a return on investment (ROI) of several thousand dollars per year.


They also proceeded to break down the ROI based on productivity gains, concluding that buying this monitor can save you up to $23,000 per year! Ha!