Introducing / by Cory

I'm excited to announce a side project that Derrick Petzold and myself have been working on that is finally ready to be consumed by the public. The Problem

Browsing YouTube clips is a cumbersome task. The clips are short, and you spend more time clicking around than actually watching videos. You cant really just kick-back and watch YouTube like you can your TV. We need the best of the web presented like a TV a continual Tosh.0 without Tosh. We need something on the web that you can turn on, kick-back, and be entertained with no cable connection required.

Welcome to

With we take the most entertaining and trending YouTube videos as voted by the masses, then present them back-to-back like a never ending TV show. Videos that you watch are crossed off the list so when you come back, you see fresh videos every time. Welcome to TV meets the web, no hardware or cable service required.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we have. We'd love to hear your feedback!