New Analytics Startup - Crazy Egg - Review / by Cory

Crazy Egg, launched just a couple of weeks ago, offers website analytics that include heatmaps (similar to Click Density). Crazy Egg allows you to:

  • Test different versions of a page to see which works better
  • Discover which ad placement gives the best results
  • Find out which design encourages visitors to click deeper
  • Learn which content leads to improved sales

Their product offers several different ways to look at the click data...

The Overlay View overlays expand/collapse icons over your website next to each link. When you expand them it shows you the percentage of overall clicks and the actual number (personally I'd want to see this information up front instead of having to expand them all):

Overlay View

The List View gives you a basic list of clicks grouped by link and orders them by most popular (being able to change the sort would be a nice to have):

List View

The Heat Map View shows you where people clicked and highlights more concentrated areas by using oranges and reds:

Heatmap View

Their free service allows you to track up to 4 pages as long as your visits (to those 4 pages) are under 4,000 per month. After that prices range from $20 to $100 per month depending on the plan.