Recruiting Usability participants using Craigslist and Google Spreadsheets / by Cory

I've discovered some pretty slick and painless ways to recruit participants for your usability test. Google recently released an easy way to create a questionnaire and have the posted form automatically fill out your Google spreadsheet.Heres how you get started:

Step 1) Create a google spreadsheet


Step 2) Create your questionnaire form


Now you can create any combination of text entry, multiple choice, check-box based, or "choose from a list" based questions your potential participants will answer for you.

Step 3) Preview your form and copy the link

picture-8.png Step 4) Create a craigslist posting under Computer Gigs or related area for your test. Paste a link to your form in the craigslist posting as the only way to contact you.

Step 5) Watch the results populate in your spreadsheet

Now you're all set and every time someone fills out the form, the results are magically posted to your google spreadsheeet. You can set up notifications on the spreadsheet so that you're emailed as soon as there's a posting.

This takes the time and hassle out of creating a contact sheet of usability participants.