UI Enhancement Guideline / by Cory

This is a guideline I created a while ago with a former coleauge to ensure that we've thought though how a new feature will impact the application from a usability perspective. It has helped to minimize post release modifications. Next time you're making enhancements to a complex UI, this guideline may come in handy for you... General

  • What is the objective?
  • What is the solution?
  • Does the solution meet the objective from a consumer point of view?
  • Is this the right strategy for the right project?


  • How does the solution affect the page and related pages (as an Entry page)?
  • How does the solution affect the pages leading to the modified page?
  • How does the solution affect the pages that the modified page links to?
  • How does the solution affect other components on the modified page?
  • Does the solution require additional or modified error handling?
  • Do we need to update any documentation as a result of this solution?


  • How does the solution affect the User experience?
  • What user needs is this solution satisfying?
  • What types of users (personas) will find this solution helpful?
  • Are there questions about the solution that a usability test or user research can answer?


  • Who in our group has expert knowledge on the subject, product, or feature? Have they weighed in on the solution?


  • Does the solution affect analytics or reporting in any way?
  • Are there any new reporting requirements for the solution (like additional analytics tags)?
  • How do we plan on measuring the effectiveness/success of the solution?


  • Are there site conventions that the solution should follow (colors, font, type, grammar, hierarchy, button placement, etc…)?
  • Should new standards be created to compensate for the solution?


  • Is there any contextual help or documentation necessary to assist the user with the solution?
  • How would multiple languages affect the design/layout of this solution?
  • Does the implementation seem transferable to multiple sites and languages?
  • How does the solution relate to localization?
  • Does the solution compensate for accessibility standards?
    • Screen Readers
    • Mobile Mediums