We craft exceptional user experiences  through discovery, design, and code.


Project: Hawaiian Airlines Responsive Desktop and Mobile Website
Hawaiian Airlines hired the User Kind team to develop the UI of their new Desktop and Mobile responsive application. This project resulted in a 155% increase in mobile check-ins, and a 55% increase in mobile bookings.

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Our Guiding Principles 

  1. Put the right things in the right places at the right time.
  2. Make the product work harder and smarter so that users don't have to.
  3. Make informed design decisions based on our compassion for people and the products that they use.
  4. The code behind the product should be just as easy to use as the product itself.


Case Study: W3C Validator Suite

We worked with Ocupop and W3C to design the user experience, user interface, and design of W3C's validator suite product.


Passionate Expertise


Cory Shaw - President / Designer & Developer
Cory has been designing and coding user experiences for nearly 2 decades. When he's not at the computer he enjoys spending time with his family, running, surfing, snowboarding, and playing guitar.

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Jamie Perkins - Designer & Developer
Jamie is a dad, home brewer, electronic music lover, and internet addict. His specialties include Interface design, responsive web design, iOS, CSS, javascript, AngularJS, and php development.

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Michael Toymil - Developer
Michael is a multiple platform engineer currently in love with javascript. He enjoys building the internet around the accumulation, availability, and useful presentation of knowledge. His specialties include JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Backbone.js, node.js, Python, Django, MVC, and Single Page Apps.

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Travis Sisti - Designer & Developer
Travis is a talented UI designer and Front-end developer specializing in HTML/CSS/JS and many of the popular libraries such as AngularJS, jQuery, Backbone, Bootstrap, Skeleton, Less, and Sass. He also routinely handles UI/UX design and wireframing. In his spare time he is an accomplished drummer, video gamer, bike rider, Brazilian jiu jitsu player, and rock climber.

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Case Study: Mozilla Popcorn Maker

We worked with Ocupop and the Mozilla team to design and develop a maker-friendly interface for remixing media in your web browser.


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We built an analytics tool to help teams monitor the performance and user experience of their websites.


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We live and play in Colorado, but serve clients and customers around the world.