GoFaster.io is a website performance analytics tool built by User Kind that helps teams track and improve the performance of their website. 


Why We Built GoFaster.io

Great user experiences start from the moment your visitors type in your domain name and press the enter key. If your site doesn't become usable in 2 seconds or less, you're probablly losing valuable customers and revenue. That first impression is critical to every product's user experience.

Slow loading websites is a common problem we've come across with nearly every client project we've worked on. We've come to realize that the root cause of a slow loading website for most teams is simply a lack of awareness

Most teams care deeply about performance and their user experience, but lack the tools to measure and report on it effectively.

When we looked around for tools to solve this problem, all we found was expensive enterprise-focused solutions that bombard you with every metric under the sun.

We did what any willing and able team would do and set out to solve the problem our way and built gofaster.io for the benefit of our clients, our customers, and ourselves.