The internet is not the devil / by Cory

inetdevil.gifThe other day I was watching a Texas governor debate (there was nothing else on ok?!)...and one of the guys in his closing speech said "I think the Internet is the devil". At first I thought, "this guy just sealed his own coffin!"...but after further thinking... "humm, perhaps many of the people of Texas haven't caught on to the Internet revolution yet and what he said just might have won him some votes". I believe the Internet is going to change everything...not in a satanic sort of way, but in a rate of human evolution sort of way. Looking historically at our evolution for just the past 100 years, we have accomplished amazing things. Even the rate at which we evolved during that time significantly increased.

I believe that the rate at which we evolve is determined by 2 major factors:

1) Population Increase 2) Knowledge and Information Accessibility

In the past knowledge and information has been accessible by libraries, teachers, professors, and your peers. Most of which you pay for, either with tax money or collage loans. This has been a somewhat fixed level of knowledge and information available to us.

The internet enables us to learn anything we want instantly, accurately, and free. Best of all, it is evolving at the rate that we contribute to it! The Internet removes the barriers of knowledge between countries, religions, languages, and cultures.

What this means to me is that we will see an exponential evolution rate in the years to come, much more than we've seen in the past 100 years. We can now learn from the mistakes of others around the world...pushing us forward faster.

I see a future where structured learning is no more and that we will only be taught how to teach ourselves...leaving the rest up to our own personal pursuit. We will spend more time specializing and less time generalizing. You wont hear..."All that useless stuff I learned in school"...useless knowledge will be your own fault.

I am very excited to be a part of the internet revolution, and something tells me I wont be going straight to hell for it.